August 2, 2017



YMV & Associates, Inc. offers a wide range of services and comprehensive strategies, making your ideas possible and acknowledged by the public.

Strategic Advice on Branding

YMV offers strategic interventions in the context of understanding the realities and conditions and giving responses in the most effective way.

Media Relations

We build relationship between the client and selected media; writing and distributing press releases and photo releases for both traditional and online PR.

Monthly Media Mileage Report

Monthly media mileage report in column inches and corresponding peso value, with actual clippings of media, online releases, and featured articles.

Client Meetings

We regularly arrange meetings with the client to track progress of PR actions, assess objectives and goals, and discuss new activities.

Advertising and Marketing Programs

We work in conjunction with all advertising, marketing and sales programs.

Social Media

We leverage social media platforms and tap celebrities as well as other influencers to create buzz for our clients.

Digital Marketing

We have a list of online portals and selected bloggers who can create features as well as influence the brand.

Events Management

YMV guarantees a positive impact to public through events, ensuring that every step from conceptualization to completion meets the client’s specific objectives.

Expert PR Advice

We offer expert PR advice whenever needed, including procedures to be taken during crisis.

PR Deal Multiplied

With YMV, see your PR investment quantified in quantum values, as reflected in column inches and the corresponding peso value.

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